Ballerina Breakfast

De’Longhi launches the new Ballerina collection with More Than 30 Seconds and the artist Marco Lodola.

ADV Multiplatform Campaign
Web (Website, Social, YouTube), Amazon and press

The campaign entitled “Wake up to creativity!”, conceived and produced by the agency More Than 30 Seconds, involved the creation of several still life shots signed by Francesco Van Straten and the production of video content for the web, social channels and Amazon.

The protagonist of the campaign is the artist Marco Lodola, co-founder of the New Futurism, a movement born in the 1980s by a group of artists inspired by the historic Marinettian Futurism. Light, lightness and transparency are the common thread that gave birth to the collaboration between De’Longhi and Maestro Marco Lodola. The artist was chosen precisely for his personal technique: the use of colored plastic materials, the soft shapes of the plastic and the light emanating from the works find an analogy with the materials used by De’Longhi for the new Ballerina collection.

Wake up to creativity! An international multi-subject campaign

The launch is supported by a mini documentary, a dialogue on the creative process between the artist and Dario Grasselli, De’Longhi design director.
For the occasion, Maestro Lodola also created the work “Wake up to creativity!” using the three colors that make up the Ballerina range: black, green and white.
Creativity and production by More Than 30 Seconds.


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