Veneta Cucine

The future is the most
beautiful space to design

The new commercial, born from the creative idea of ​​the agency More than 30 seconds and directed by Iacopo Carapelli, focuses on the future and describes it through the protagonist’s shopping experience in a Veneta Cucine store.

ADV Multiplatform Campaign
TV, Web (Website, Social, YouTube) and radio

The concept tells a journey through the imagination: it starts with the first meeting with a Veneta Cucine furniture consultant, then the proposed project takes shape so much that the protagonist is able to visualize herself in various possible design solutions.

The fundamental message of the commercial tells the emotional side of choosing a new kitchen. When you enter a Veneta Cucine store, you are not only assuming the furniture project, but a piece of your life that begins to take shape: and it is a moment of pure magic. In fact, the slogan of the campaign is “the future is the most beautiful space to design”, which contains the unique experience that a Veneta Cucine store offers.

“The future is the most beautiful space to design” is on air.

Television is planning includes RAI and Mediaset, the main social networks and YouTube.To promote the spot, programmatic ADS campaigns and social campaigns were designed and implemented on the main channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube with the aim of strengthening the brand identity. The spot is also broadcast on the best national and local radio stations.


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