An augmented space

More Than 30 Seconds presents the new Veneta Cucine “Increased Space” campaign.

The film, directed by Iacopo Carapelli with photography by Emanuele Zarlenga, exalts the aesthetic beauty, the harmony of space design, and the multi-functionality of a Veneta Cucine.

ADV Multiplatform Campaign
TV, Web (Website, Social, YouTube)

The concept of the commercial is to show how a Veneta Cucine is not only an expression of design but also an essential element in living your home to the fullest.

The first part of the film is a praise of Veneta Cucine’s new designs.

Through immersive shots, vanishing points, and detail macros, we enter into the aesthetics of the new Veneta Cucine augmented spaces: columns containing the laundry area, desk-study area, and perfectly integrated living area.

In the second part, in complete contrast to the first, through a rapid sequence of dynamic and engaging images, like a drum roll and with unusual points of view, we see people living everyday life, in the most natural and contemporary way possible.

“An augmented space for your home and your life”

Television planning includes Rai with the national preview on Sanremo and Sky during the X Factor final. To promote the spot, social campaigns have been designed and implemented on the main channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube (6″ bumper ads + in-feed ads, in-stream 15″) to strengthen brand identity through coverage and traffic ads. The spot is also being aired on top national and local radio stations.


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