Space for Lightness

Lago is a leader design company that designs and manufactures Made in Italy furniture.  More Than 30 Seconds was responsible for the creative conception and realization of the new adv campaign under the duo direction of Es.poire by Filippo Nava & Marzia De Clercq.

The new campaign includes a TV spot and content for Lago’s digital campaigns.

ADV Multiplatform Campaign
TV, Web (Website, Social, YouTube)

The protagonist is the Fluttua bed, the world’s first suspended bed that defies gravity, shaping the thrill of sleeping while floating in the air.

A woman enters the house after a day’s work.

She sets down her keys and the purse and takes off her jacket. She has only one thought.

In the background, music accompanies the scene and following the notes of the melody, several objects begin to rise, remaining suspended in midair, as if to attract her attention. She heads, without being distracted, toward the room, finally lies down on the bed and all the objects, still suspended up to that moment, suddenly lower.

There is nothing to be done; there is only the magic of Fluttua.

“Space for Lightness”

The communication strategy starts from the founding principle that has inspired all Lago Design products, well summarized by the first of Italo Calvino’s American Lessons: “My operation was most of the time a subtraction of weight: Now, I tried to remove weight from human figures, from celestial bodies, from cities. Above all, I tried to take weight away from the structure of the story and the language.” The claim encapsulates a much-needed contemporary value. Lightness is also the main characteristic of the Fluttua bed, which with its iconic timeless suspension makes thousands of people float. The film presents a cinematic complexity that enhances the depth and nuances of each element, creating a captivating multilayered set in which to narrate this small fragment of life.


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