Taste specialists: the challenge

More Than 30 Seconds produced the social format for De’Longhi “Taste Specialists: the Challenge.”
The content, distributed exclusively on Instagram, features industry professionals challenging each other to espresso shots in front of a panel of professional judges.

Talent Show
Social (Instagram)

It was directed by Antonio Monti (director of the TV program Le Iene), with the direction of photography by Davide Crippa.
The “simil-live” footage was shot in 9:16 vertical format.
Target audience: Wannabe Barista

Three talented baristas compete for the title of Espresso Specialist in front of a panel of industry professionals, who judge each performance by assigning a score from one to five. The challenge includes three practice tests, including the Prestige Setting challenge, Master Speed, and the Art of Cappuccino. The manual coffee bean machine will be the battleground for this exciting competition. Who will be crowned as the king of coffee experts?

“Taste specialists: the challenge”

The five episodes with an average length of 2 minutes were released over a month and produced with fast-paced framing, aiming to generate compelling editing with perspective plays, camera movements, and ad hoc cuts and breaks.


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