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Scarpa is the world leader in the footwear sector for mountaineering, trekking, climbing and ski mountaineering.
More Than 30 Seconds took care of the creative conception, creation and post-production of the outdoor video and photographic campaigns.

ADV Campaign
Web (Website, Social, YouTube)

Several cut videos have been created for the various platforms: website, adv and social.
The videos tell the “best of” of the product and were made in live-action with Scarpa athletes.

A copy that plays with the claim “No place too far” underlines all the main values ​​of the brand, not only those connected to sports performance and victories, but also the “fun” part, which is the real push to stay in the air open and to do non-competitive activities.

ADV format + contents

The More Than 30 Seconds agency takes care of the creative conception, editing and graphic packaging of the video format for the launch of the new sports footwear models.


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