“Excellence in the kitchen” with Iginio Massari and Renato Bosco

More Than 30 Seconds has devised a series of video content to introduce Kenwood Cooking Chef and Kenwood Chef Sense. The protagonists of the videos are two great masters: Iginio Massari and Renato Bosco.

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The series “a lesson from Iginio”, aired during the third season of Bake Off Italia, on Real Time, stars Iginio Massari, the TV face of Masterchef and world champion in pastry.
During the shooting the arancini, the “chiacchere”, the Seduction cake and the Magic cake were prepared.

The secret to a perfect pizza? The dough. Word of the “pizzaricercatore” Renato Bosco, an authentic experimenter in dough and continuous leavening. Protagonist and ambassador of innovation, in this project he presents Kenwood Cooking Chef, with a communication focus on the new hook, which does not alter the gluten structure of the dough and guarantees perfect leavening while respecting the raw material.

Iginio Massari and Renato Bosco: from TV to the web

More Than 30 Seconds handled the creative writing and production of the TV commercial, 4 telepromotions and a series of editorial pills for broadcasting on television and for the web.


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