New and Now

Starting from the “respect” concept designed for showcases made with totally environmentally friendly materials, the COIN group launches the new New and Now collection with a transversal message of respect for the environment and an invitation to a more conscious lifestyle.

ADV Campaign
Web (Website, Newsletter, Social, YouTube) e in Store

More Than 30 Seconds has designed and created video-animations that reflect the eco-sustainable soul of the new Coin clothing collection.

More Than 30 Seconds has created video animations for the site, for social media and for communication at the point of sale.
The contents have been programmed for all communication events: from the launch of the new collections to special events, sales and brand-partnerships.
The agency translated the original graphic material into 2D and 3D motion graphics content, ad hoc reconstructing videos with a strong visual impact.

Integrated content strategy: from the web to in-store multimedia screens

Starting from the design of the graphic project, photos, video animations for newsletters, websites, social channels and for in-store communication were developed through shop windows and multimedia screens.


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