Ideal personal comfort

The new campaign, designed and produced by More Than 30 seconds, includes an adv campaign and content strategy with video direction by Giacomo Boeri and photo shoot by Davide Bellocchio

ADV Multiplatform Campaign
TV, Web (Website, Social, YouTube)

The protagonist is De’Longhi’s first portable air conditioner with artificial intelligence, which can recognize you and create the desired personal microclimate in any room.

At home, when it’s hot, in an attempt to reach the ideal temperature… you can’t find peace. And sometimes you end up continually taking off and putting on clothes, opening and closing windows… We are very proud to have created the new Care4Me Pinguino De’Longhi Group campaign.
The new Care4Me Pinguino can finally guarantee you to reach the perfect climate. The new campaign includes a TV and WEB spot, content for De’Longhi’s
e-commerce, Amazon marketplace, Group digital campaigns

“Find your perfect micro-climate”

More Than 30 seconds shaped the video using the Real Split Screen treatment, to
visually explain the story of the benefits of the Penguin Care4Me product.
Switching our protagonist between two extremes, hot and cold, using the respective
colors palette in the set, allowed us to create an ironic creative hyperbole. The two
worlds merge and harmonize with the activation of Pinguino Care4Me, capable of
reaching the ideal temperature without the drawbacks of the old systems with
uncontrolled jets of air conditioning.
The result of this newfound balance is the personal microclimate of our protagonist.


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