The pleasure of coffee

In the idea of ​​the campaign there is the desire to tell years of evolution, even technological, visualizing the way home.

ADV Campaign
TV, Web (Website, Social, YouTube)

In fact, the pleasure of the authentic taste of coffee comes from afar, since the beans were processed with care, a tradition and a unique know-how of our country.

The superior aroma that comes from the instant grinding of the beans, just like in roasting, is the main feature of the product and also the fil rouge of the story.
The project dedicated to coffee has already begun with “The Excellence of Italian roasting companies”: a digital guide created by De’Longhi and now in its second edition, which includes 60 of the most prestigious Italian roasting companies selected by Gabriella Baiguera, author, expert of coffee. The guide aims to guide both passionate coffee lovers and simple lovers of a good espresso, not only in the correct tasting, but also in the choice of the best coffees available in Italy.

International campaign: TV, press, web, Out-Of-Home

The settings, the casting, the directing choices were aimed at recreating a cinematic, warm, true mood: the same magic that is ideally found in the homes of the users of the De’Longhi Superautomatics.


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