Braun MultiQuick 7
“I blend everything!”

“Innkeeper and Cook” the web series of video recipes with Filippo La Mantia, conceived and produced by More Than 30 Seconds to present the Braun Multiquick 7 minipimer.

ADV Campaign
Web (Website, Social, YouTube)

In these episodes we will find: citrus pesto, vegetable couscous and a summer fruit drink. Simple, healthy, tasty preparations to be made at any time.

The launch of the new Braun Multiquick 7 generated a series of videos and images that were conveyed on the web, Amazon, social media, and in print.

Web content with Filippo La Mantia

Particular attention was paid to the pre-production phase and the search for the location, to find a hyper-contemporary kitchen environment, essential and with natural light. The videos were distributed on Braun’s social channels, in stores and used as a video wall for PR events.


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